Dear Readers,

A quick note to explain that the testimonials below were primarily written by parents, teachers, and tutors who participated in the school-based Pleasanton Barton Reading Program.  Sadly the program was eliminated from the schools in fall of 2012.  The same people who ran the school program have now opened Foundations Tutoring.  We just couldn’t let it disappear!

From Classroom Teachers:

When [this student] began third grade, he was disinterested in reading all together and was unable to read grade-level material fluently.  With the support of this program, [he] is confident in his abilities and is able to comfortably read grade-level material.  He now has the ability to read multi-syllabic words!

My student’s reading level has improved greatly.  I’m very impressed… He volunteers to read aloud in a small group…Also, he seems to be able to correct the wrong sound with minimal coaching from me.  I knew he was a struggling reader, but I didn’t know how to help him.  Thank you!

Let me tell you about a student I had last year.  He had been with the reading specialist for 5 months in Kindergarten, 6 weeks in summer school, and then began his first grade school year back with the reading specialist.  By November he had made minimal progress and was “at risk.”  I was having behavior problems with him and he was acting out because he was so far behind and couldn’t keep up with the rest of the class. In January of that year he was finally matched up with a tutor and he began to slowly make progress.  This year my heart is warmed….  Not only is he getting the intensive academic help that he needs, but also the personal relationship with a mentor.  I can’t believe this is the same sullen, angry, bad tempered little boy I had last year.

I have seen first-hand the difference Barton has had for the students who receive the program. It has prevented many children from experiencing the failure they would have otherwise experienced and helped others to get on the path to success.

I have three Barton students in my class. I see the impact of this program daily. One of these students, who has been in the program for 2 1/2 years, is even in my highest reading group. Knowing his initial skills, I am convinced he would not be there without the support of this program.

I am a second grade teacher and I have two students in my current classroom that receive Barton tutoring. It gives me real satisfaction to inform you of the positive impact this program has had in those two students. Each student entered my class this year below grade level in reading and writing. I have been impressed by the growth that I have observed with each student. Not only are they more fluent readers and writers, but now they choose to read for enjoyment (not because they are told to do so).

I have been a special education teacher for the past 18 years.  My students typically read at the second to fourth grade levels.  Improvement throughout the years is minimal, if at all.  These students have a history of failure in school, have not beer1 able to get out of special education, and are severely defeated in attitude and motivation.  Over fifty percent of my students would benefit from the Barton Reading Program, which is designed for students with a deficit in phonemic awareness. Participants in this reading program show 4-7 years growth in reading when tutored 2-3 sessions weekly for 2 years.  It changes their lives forever.

As a credentialed teacher and credentialed reading specialist, I know that no matter how skilled the classroom teacher is, it is impossible for him/her to give the amount of time and direct, systematic instruction needed to teach students who truly struggle to learn how to read.  Reading specialists are very helpful, but so many of these students also have concentration issues and desperately need individual instruction.  Others need more intense and repetitive instruction. I feel so strongly that THIS PROGRAM WORKS and SAVES KIDS.

1 wanted to let you know how {Barton Tutoring} has already impacted my Special Ed students.  I have two juniors on my caseload who are currently being tutored two times a week in the program. After the 3rd week one student told me blatantly how much he had improved. He expressed the joy of reading/comprehending better and at a faster rate. Another student told me that he could finally read his textbook assignments without trying to “fake it”. He also said that he is being more vocal in class discussions because he can understand the reading assignment that was given out the night before (and he actually read it).

When I taught Reading Improvement at Foothill High School, I was often frustrated that there was not a quality, hands-on accessible and complete program that I could use with my students. If, during that time, I had been introduced to Barton, I would have implemented it, in some form or another, immediately.

From Parents:

In Middle School, my daughter was getting D’s and F’s.  After one year of tutoring with the Barton system she is now getting mostly A’s and some B’s!  But, more importantly, you should see her new attitude.  She is much happier and easier to deal with each day.  Thank you, thank you!

If learning to read was about effort alone, my daughter would be reading above grade level.  Sadly, until Barton Tutoring came along, she suffered tremendously.  We tried Score, Sylvan, private tutoring, etc. and nothing worked.   She was at risk for retention. After a year and a half, she is now reading at her grade level.  We know this program works!

The Barton Program has made a great difference to my daughter.  Her reading, comprehension, and joy in reading have all improved because of this program.  She is becoming more confident and now can attack words successfully.  In spelling last year she struggled with 10 words.  Now she does 15, and gets 12-13 right every week.  Reading is more fluid.  She wants to try the words she has not seen and often gets them right all on her own.  All her teachers and leaders see a difference.

My son was identified as being at-risk for reading and writing.  He was tested and it was determined that he was very bright and that there was no underlying reason for his problems with reading.  No one knew how to help him. An IEP was proposed to modify his school work forever.  Since he has received one-on-one Barton tutoring, he has gone from reading 20 wpm (his peers in his class room were reading at 86 wpm) to approximately 80 wpm in one year.  Now he can read and do his own homework assignments.  Now instead of helping him do homework for hours every night I am free to cook dinner.  I am thrilled.  Thank you!

I am a mother of seven-year-old twin daughters.  They were both at the risk of retention last year due to their low reading skills.  Without the Barton Reading Program, they would be left behind and struggling in the classroom. The one-on-one time that they get with their tutor is invaluable time, individual attention that they cannot receive in the classroom.

Ever since my daughter was held back in first grade, school has been a painful challenge for her.  Because she tests out as above average on IQ tests, the school counselor was able to determine her problem is Dyslexia.  She has worked extremely hard in Resource from the very beginning of her IEP, however she never made significant progress until she had Barton tutoring.  She no longer goes to bed Sunday nights crying about how much she hates school.  She was extremely proud of her four A’s and two B’s on her last report card!

My daughter is a bright, fun loving person who is very artistic and gifted in many ways.  But it takes more than personality and hard work when you are dyslexic.  Even with all of her hard work, I fear her reading will not progress with just the resource reading class.  The tutoring program has really made a big difference in her school performance and her perception of school being a place where she can succeed and be seen as a bright student.

I am the mother of an intelligent 13-year-old girl who has struggled with Dyslexia since she was first expected to learn the mechanics of reading from the age of 4.  Her academic experience prior to Barton tutoring was a painful struggle, which included feelings of self-loathing and failure.  Although her {elementary school} had a fine “Resource” program and very caring teachers, they did not consistently provide the specialized one-on-one instruction she needed.  She left Elementary school with a visceral fear and hatred of school.  She spent many nights crying herself to sleep.  She awoke many mornings with stomachaches and headaches pleading with me to not have to go to school.

In Middle School, when my daughter started one-on-one Barton tutoring,  I saw improvements within weeks.  She gained confidence, started enjoying attending school, and qualified for Honor Roll her first term!!  Her reading improved dramatically and for the first time she found books she wanted to read on her own.  I can honestly say that without the Barton program my daughter could have been a future school dropout, school was that painful for her.

My daughter has had difficulty with reading speed and comprehension since the beginning of her schooling for some five years.  This has been something that has concerned both her mother and myself from the beginning because without a solid foundation in reading it is extremely difficult to do well in the majority of subjects.  Reading is key to scholastic success because it has far reaching implications on almost every subject that she will have throughout her education.  My own early education can perhaps highlight the importance of a good reading foundation best.  I had difficulties with the reading process that are almost identical to my daughters.  My early education, my confidence as a student and my perception of my own intelligence were all intrinsically tied into that one skill-set.  The education system that I grew up in lacked the insight of today’s system and especially programs like Barton.  My reading difficulties as a child had far reaching implications on my life’s path.   And negatively effected my education throughout my schooling and the career choices that resulted from that perception.

Last year my very bright, happy and eager to learn son began Kindergarten.   He loved his marvelous teacher, enjoyed his relationships with the other children, and showed a strong aptitude in Mathematics, but then he changed.  He began to show signs of stress including, not wanting to go to school and for the first time ever, biting and chewing his fingernails and cuticles everyday…until they bled.  Where did the child go that started school only a couple of months ago?   The child I sent to school in the fall “disappeared” when he realized that other kids could read and, no matter how hard he tried, how much he wanted, he could not do it…not at all. The teacher recommended reading more at home.  We already read to all of our children through out the day, and every night at bedtime we read to them for over an hour.  She suggested trying more trips to the library.  Each of our children had a library card and we frequently checked out 30 -70 books a visit.   We tried reading more, going to the library more, buying special books, books with more picture words, and leveled reading books.  We tried running our finger under the lines of words as we read.  We tried labeling every object in the house, dice with letters, reading games… But nothing worked…  Absolutely, painfully, nothing.  Then after having our son tested we began to understand that our child has dyslexia, a phonetic processing and memory problem.  Meaning our child was in the 20% of the general population that could not learn to read, or read well, the way the rest of the population could and the way that is taught in the classroom.    Specialized instruction like Barton is the key to reading for my son and so many other s. The key to him enjoying going to school, to having confidence in himself, to being successful at school and in life.  How could he have any of these successes if he could not read?

My son’s grades in sixth grade were dismal. By the end of seventh grade he actually made the honor roll!  Before Barton, asking my son to read was like asking him to put razors in his eyes. Now this same boy can read books! He is even enjoying them.

I am hoping to provide my daughter with the tools that can allow her to effectively manage her own success as a student.  I think Barton is an irreplaceable part of her development in reading.   I wanted to say thank you to everyone involved for having the insight and understanding to make the program available to my daughter and other students that need the help.

0ne of my daughter’s self-esteem and attitude towards doing homework has changed for the better since she started the program. It was a struggle to get her to do her homework because she was frustrated that she couldn’t read. Now she is excited to read stories to me and she does homework more efficiently because she has the confidence to read and understand it.

My son was privately diagnosed with dyslexia. We were told that he needed an Orton-Gillingham based program to help him learn to read well.  I already see progress!  Thank you for providing a program that really works.

My child’s writing has improved dramatically.  Reading is improving.  She’s more successful with spelling.  She’s happy again.  She’s also participating in class.  Overall, her whole attitude has changed.  Even her teacher said the same.

“I’ve seen [my daughter] make huge strides in reading ability and her interest in reading has increased tremendously.  It used to be when I asked her to read, she didn’t want to.  Now she picks up a book and reads on her own.  That’s a huge change!

The best part about my son receiving this tutoring is the confidence he has now while reading.  He doesn’t just guess at the bigger words.  He can break them apart and discern the sounds.  I’m very thankful for finding this program and learning something that can actually help my son.  We tried a private tutor and we tried “Score.”  They didn’t work.  He was still struggling.  The “Barton System” has taught him to ‘hear’ all the different sounds and to take them apart and now he’s learning to put them back together.  It’s a program that’s worked wonders for my son!

Our son has a long back-story of learning and reading difficulties. He was in the PUSD SDC Kindergarten and First Grade. In both those years he made zero progress in reading and spelling. I was told, “It was no big deal. He would catch up.” We thought, “When?” He repeated First Grade in a regular classroom. His reading and spelling improved some, but his progress was still slow. Homework was a challenge.  He would cry.  It was a battle.   Finally we had our son tutored the summer after second grade.

He started 3rd Grade confident. His reading is amazing. He’s been on the Bonus Spelling List a few times. Each week he gets a 100% on his spelling tests or misses one word. He’s helping his 1st grade brother with reading, telling him about outlaw words, the milkman, etc.  He’s great at memorizing his math facts, also. Before he started the Barton program he could not repeat 3 numbers in a row. He’s now doing awesome on all his timed math facts tests.

Our daughters have had serious reading difficulties since they first started learning to read. They have challenges with processing what they are reading, as well sounding out words and spelling. We have tried everything – from Read Naturally, Reading Specialists, individual tutors, tutors through organizations, purchased several reading software packages, participated for years in the library Paws to Read program, yet nothing has worked. You can imagine the frustration the kids where feeling as well as the frustration that my husband and I felt trying to help them -without any success.  They are reading several years below grade level and nothing has worked ……until the Barton Program.

We see improvement from the Barton methodology.  Our daughter feels hope and excitement with her Barton tutor. She turns from feeling hopeless and frustrated in her class to excitement due to matching her skills with the right set of curriculum.

The Barton reading program was a huge part of my son’s educational success. He is now in his second year at Sacramento State and would not have been able to obtain his educational goals with out the Barton program.  When he first started with Barton he came home and declared ” why didn’t you teach me to read this (Barton’s method) way before, now I get it!”

I am a parent of past student of BARTON READING PROGRAM. We got introduced to this program when my son was in 8th grade. He was lucky enough to complete the program, before his graduation from Foothill High School, and I must say it had tremendous effect on my son’s success. Today he is student at NAU (Northern Arizona University) and by 2013 he will graduate as an Electrical Engineer, Minor in Math and Business.

My son has participated in other reading programs but continued to struggle with reading. In the short amount of time with the Barton Reading program he has seen progress and recognizes his progress. The students that struggle most and benefit most from this research based program mirror my child.

I am the parent of two children who have participated in the PUSD Barton reading program.  They were at risk as they were struggling to keep up with the class, but now they both like school and feel successful.  It’s absolutely remarkable!  Barton tutoring works!

As a parent of a child that had obvious reading issues first noticed in the first grade, but not adequately serviced (in spite of 20-1 teacher ratio, speech therapy and working with the reading specialist) I am acutely aware of how easily a child can slip thru the cracks.  I think it is a shame that my daughter was in high school before she was able to participate in a program that was specific to her needs, as well as many other students—some who have given up by that time on their abilities.  The high schools are so full of students that teachers can easily dismiss these kids as low achievers.   But there is effective help.  This program works.

I am the parent of a child who has severe dyslexia.  This program is doing remarkable things for a group of gifted students.  These are the kids who 20 years ago would have been tagged “the dumb kids” because they couldn’t read or couldn’t read well.  In fact, most of these children are highly intelligent and gifted in other areas.  Because our current educational system is based so heavily on ones ability to read, without Barton, the performance of these kids’ in school would never indicate the magnitude of their gifts and potential.  Every day I am so thankful for Barton because I know my daughter would have been one of “the dumb kids” if she were in school years ago.

My son was diagnosed with dyslexia the summer going into fourth grade.  Third grade for him was incredibly difficult and met with daily tears and frustration.  Having researched several remedial options for my son, Barton Reading rose to the top of the list because of its comprehensive approach and systematic teachings.  He has made great strides in reading; with his success being directly attributed to Barton.  To see him gain in both confidence and ability has been a blessing for our family as well.

My daughter has always struggled in school. She is very bright, eager to learn but rarely did she ever feel successful in school. It was not uncommon for her to tell me she felt “stupid” and different.  She struggled to keep up, she was years behind in her reading level and her spelling was terrible.

We tried everything, tutoring at Sylvan, Tutoring Club and we hired teachers to tutor her after school.  Nothing helped until Barton Tutoring.  In the spring of 2006, she tested just Basic in her Star Testing for English Language Arts.  In the spring of 2007 she tested 361, into Proficient level.  In the spring of 2009 she tested 390 (11 points below Advanced) on her Star test in English Language Arts.  She has been on honor roll several times and her last grade period she had straight A’s in ALL of her classes.

What changed you ask…Barton Tutoring was the change.  From the moment she started Barton in the fifth grade she began to soar. Not only did her scores begin the climb so did her confidence.  I never heard the “Stupid” comment again. My daughter was finally successful.  She believed she could do it and nothing has stopped her since.

My daughter has been in Barton for one year. Her reading level went from a 4 to a 12 in a matter of months!  Her outlook toward school and willingness to read, have dramatically improved. I have a happy child once again!!

My son is a graduate of the Barton program.  I can’t tell you how grateful I am.  At the time he was diagnosed with dyslexia in fourth grade, he was reading in the 5th percentile. I am still embarrassed that he was reading so poorly, as we had read with him and modeled reading (limited TV and computer time) since he was very young.  He was bright and had been able to cope well without really being able to read, up until the 3rd grade that is.  After receiving tutoring in the Barton program, he has gone on to be a B average student.  In fact, he has gotten nothing lower than a B in English and loves to read for personal pleasure.

My husband and I were very worried about our son’s ability to succeed in high school based on his previous academic performance. He has struggled every year of his school career, beginning with preschool at Gingerbread. He was the last in his class to tie his shoes, and if it were not for some tearful “cramming” on our parts, he would have had to repeat preschool! So this is an issue we, as a family, have struggled many years with.

Our son was labeled as an “at risk” student every year of his school career, but every year we were told that he was not far enough behind to be placed in resource. The school’s answer was motivation; he was simply not a motivated student. We tried to motivate him with prizes, money, stars–anything and everything–all to no avail. We sent him to Score, Kumon and private tutoring–there was no difference at all. So we struggled–trying to help him any way we could, only to have him eventually start acting out his frustrations. School was so hard for him that he gave up trying and started acting out–which in turn, frustrated us. We didn’t understand why school was so difficult for him or how to best help him. Everything we tried failed and left us all frustrated, tense, and angry.

Barton Tutoring has changed all that. After intensive tutoring during his 8th grade year, not only is he doing his own homework for the first time in his life, but his grades are good–A’s & B’s–and he is succeeding all on his own!  His STAR test results soared from a low Below Basic score at the end of 7th grade, to the very top of Proficient–only three points from Advanced at the end of 8th grade. This amazing transformation took place all in one year, and it is all due to the Barton Program. We’re thrilled at his academic success, but his newfound quiet confidence is inspiring. He is so much more fun to be around now. He is not moody, evasive, touchy, gloomy or destructive any more. I’ve got my happy, playful, fun, gentle, kind and confident son back!  Barton Tutoring has changed his life, and ours, too.

The Barton program has been amazing for my daughter. Her reading and comprehensive skills have remarkably improved. I can’t imagine what may have happened if she hadn’t received the one on one attention that her tutor has so patiently given her.  She was lost in the regular classroom and seemed to be sinking fast. She was mentally exhausted when she got home from school each day just trying to keep up. She also felt she had to put on a front for the other students. All this was very stressful for her. The help she is receiving now is geared towards her learning ability and has given her self -confidence.

“You won’t believe this kid, he’s reading out loud out of the Jeremy McGrath book and he keeps saying, “How cool is that mom” I’m thrilled.  When he finishes the book, I’m going to get him another one.  I would have never guessed he would enjoy it this much, THANK YOU!”

My daughter was reluctant to accept any help with her reading and denied that she needed improvement. With Barton tutoring, her reading has improved and she does not struggle as much trying to figure out difficult words. She has learned some techniques to help her break words down and sound them out.

I teach third grade.  My daughter was a child who hated reading. She loved it when we read to her, but didn’t like to read on her own.  In 2nd grade I had her tested with the reading specialist at our school, but was told that she wasn’t low enough to be seen.  I felt strongly that something was amiss, but didn’t know where to turn. By 4th grade, her self-esteem was down the tubes, she never read for pleasure, whined over reading homework, and her STAR scores dropped dramatically. In 5th grade we decided to hire a private Barton Tutor. After about a month, we began to see a huge difference in our daughter. Her confidence went through the roof and she really looked forward to tutoring.  For the first time, our daughter began reading for pleasure. Over the summer she actually read the entire Twilight and Lightning Thief Series! It was like a dream come true. She had a room full of books and always had, but never liked reading until Barton Tutoring. We were also very excited to see that her STAR test scores went up drastically from 4th grade. Not only has her overall fluency improved, but The Barton Program also helped with her spelling. She went from having a modified spelling list in 4th grade to having the same spelling words as her classmates in 5th and 6th grade. This program forever changed her life.

He struggled from 1st through 3rd grade and was falling behind not just in reading, all subjects were simply too challenging for him because he could not read anywhere near grade level and therefore could not understand the material, and the discouragement was overwhelming for him. He finally received help from Barton Tutoring in 3rd grade. He is now in 7th grade.  When he was tested in October 2009 he was reading at grade level for the first time! He was on the Honor roll both semesters in 6th grade and now at the end of his 1st semester as a 7th grader he has straight A’s.

I am the parent of a Special Ed 3rd grader who has been diagnosed with ADHD and Autism.  It is rewarding to see my autistic son, who has long struggled with reading, finally be able to read and confidently order from the menu at a restaurant, or proudly help mom read the long grocery list at Costco.  At school, he can now read his worksheet instructions without much help from the teacher or his aide.

This program has been instrumental in her ability to progress in school.

Before Barton Tutoring she was confused and withdrawn, she never understood the instructions and she had difficulty keeping up, after Barton Tutoring she is enthusiastic about school, she understands and learns well.  She has made amazing progress, and is now reading at grade level standards.

I would just like to say how much this program has helped my child and how much she enjoys learning from it.  My daughter was failing 2nd grade terribly, then she got in this program and took off with it. The improvements she has made over the last two years are so amazing that her reading and comprehension is out standing.

At the end of the 2001-2002 school year, it was suggested that I have my second grade daughter tested for reading and learning deficiencies. Throughout the year she had problems following written directions and had reading comprehension problems.  Likewise, her scores in reading comprehension on the STAR 9 Test were low. She hated school and often came home crying because she was the ONLY child who had problems with projects. She complained that the other kids laughed at her when she didn’t know the answer and therefore, would not participate in class discussions. Naturally, I was concerned about my daughter’s skills and horrified that she, just a second grader, already hated school.  After two short months in Barton Tutoring, her reading rate has improved by 20 words per minute! The best short term results, however, are that she now loves school and has made improvement in her classroom work. Also, she now loves to read and is actually looking forward to taking her STAR 9 test this spring. Obviously she still has more work ahead of her, but she is excited about it and loves “doing Barton Tutoring”.

My daughter always loved to LOOK at books and loved having stories read to her. However, when it came to reading, her frustration could be seen in her contorted face as she tried and tried to sound out the words. It was incredibly painful to watch her struggle day after day after day.

Today, after 18 months of specialized instruction, she enjoys reading! At night she goes to her room to read to her sister! She reads signs as we drive on the freeway. She catches my errors (I’m dyslexic) and explains that when there is a 2 syllable word with two vowels, I should send the letter in the middle to the back…thus making the first vowel long. I can tell you how these corrections bring tears to my eyes!

My son has been participating in the Barton reading program almost 2 school years. He has made tremendous progress. When he started as a first grader, he could only read 2 and 3 letter words. Reading was a chore. Even with flash cards and repetition, he wasn’t getting it. After participating in the program, he is now almost reading on grade level and can easily get through a book. We’ve been reading the Tree Top series of books and he can, with help, read a whole chapter.

My daughter’s first grade teacher noticed the difficulty she was having with remembering the alphabet and the sounds of the letters. She wasn’t reading at all. She called me several times to discuss her concerns. I would spend 3 hours each evening with her doing her homework in the first grade. We would get through about one page of homework during that time due to the fact that she just wasn’t reading or comprehending. It was agonizing for both of us.  Now that she is in the fifth grade, homework is of coarse harder, but she gets it done in a reasonable time. It’s so nice to hear her read. Without this program, I don’t know where my daughter would be.  I know that this program had made a big difference for us and has made her more confident in her abilities, and her positive attitude about school reflects this.

My son has been involved in Barton Tutoring for over a year.  I want to take this time to share with you how much the program has helped him in his scholastic endeavors. Reading has been a struggle.  When it came time for nightly reading, he tried to avoid the situation as best he could. Before the Barton program, I had him involved in a private company tutoring program. Unfortunately, it did not help him with his struggles in reading.  My son has been able to improve his reading and his comprehension level because of Barton tutoring. WE as a family have noticed an improved self-esteem when it comes to reading and reading out loud.

Having just started Barton Tutoring, my son still has more room for improvement to read at grade level but his progress has been steady and consistent.   He is now more confident in reading and spelling longer words.   His confidence has lead to improvements in other classes such as science, language arts and math.  We are getting closer to his IEP academic goals.

After roughly 60 Barton Tutoring sessions and in the span of 4 months, my son has jumped reading levels from a Level 6 to Level 16.  He is making progress slowly but surely. The Multisensory, Structured Language program that Barton is perfect for my son and meets his needs as well as the needs of soooo many other children. These children can absolutely learn to read but it has to be with this system which starts from the ground level and works its way up. My son is so much more confident now. He takes books with him to school that he wants to read (he never did this before)…he tries to read signs now (he never did this before)…and his spelling is improved dramatically.

My daughter is a second grader. She has Dyslexia and learning disabilities.
Dr. Brad Berman has followed her development. He is a developmental behavioral pediatrician here in the Bay Area.  Brad Berman early on has been concerned with my daughter’s ability to read and has considered her a severe case.  She has now been involved with Barton tutoring for the last two years. She is almost at second grade level reading. Dr. Berman is amazed at her progress!

Throughout my son’s elementary education and prior to his starting the Resource Program, we were exhausted and frustrated with our choice of countless educational support/assist programs.  Despite our good intentions these programs gave us results that ranged from slight to nothing.  Not until the 4th grade, did we discover the Barton System. That was the best advice we could have ever had.   I wanted to let everyone know how excited I am about my son’s progress. In the last school year at Harvest Park Middle School, he has consistently maintained a +3.5 average and is on the Honor Roll.  What I am most happy to announce is that he will begin the mainstream program from Resource Reading and English next year in the 7th grade.  I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who contributed to his education, guidance and your dedication needed for his advancement.

My daughter is finally involved in a program that will WORK!  This program is the best reading program I have ever seen… It could literally rescue hundreds of our poor readers from years of frustration and low-level reading.

From Tutors:

At the middle school level where I currently tutor, we find these kids to absolutely see themselves as ‘not good readers’ with no further interest in reading or belief in themselves that they can become good readers.  In the case of my two students, that attitude has been replaced with more and more cooperation because they see the program has helped them when other programs have not.  One of my students actually read TWO books for FUN over this previous spring break!  That had NEVER happened for her before.  Her mother was so impressed, she even wrote us a note to tell us about her daughter’s reading.  This is life-changing stuff.

Today I asked my student if she has noticed whether or not this tutoring is working for her. She emphatically said, “Yes, in my classes like science, when the teacher asks someone to read aloud, I raise my hand and he picks me because I can read”.  7th grade student

I’m in my 3rd year as a Barton tutor .  I have enjoyed every day of tutoring.  Seeing my students blossom into confident readers and strong spellers proves how effective this program is.

Last week my student informed me she is doing so well now, her family is considering main-streaming her into regular classes!  We both squealed with joy!

I’ve been a tutor at the high school level for the past 7 years.  These students understand that this may be their final opportunity to get the assistance they need to master reading.  One of my students entered high school as a fluent third grade reader.  After 3 years of tutoring, she was a fluent ninth grade reader.  The difference in her hope for her future was equally dramatic – she is now in her second year of college, something that would have been beyond her ability had she not received one-on-one assistance and support.

Helping bright children overcome their reading handicaps and providing them with a brighter future is what Barton Tutoring is all about.

I have been tutoring a fourth grade student for approximately four months.  In this time, he has become a much more fluent and confident reader. Today he told me that he now reads to his little brother every night.

As a second year tutor, I am astounded at how much my student has improved.  I only wish all of the work I did was as important and/or effective.

Over the last few months I have seen a dramatic transformation in the student I have been tutoring.  When my student and I first met, he was a second grade boy labeled “difficult”.  He was struggling to pay attention in class, was becoming a bully, and had a negative view of school.  He was significantly below grade level in reading.  My student and I have been meeting three times a week for the past three months and I am so proud to say this child is a completely different person.  His attitude has improved tremendously, he is at grade level for reading, and he has started becoming involved in school.  He has gone from an angry, distant, frustrated little boy to one who smiles often, is patient, and more readily shows affection.

One of my students had a vocabulary word—impress—and was unsure of its meaning.  After we talked about the word’s definition, I asked him if he had a picture in his mind for the word, or could use the word in a sentence.  He said, “I would impress Mrs. ________ with my reading.”  He had pictured an elementary school teacher, in whose class he had been labeled a “poor reader.”  To impress a former teacher, impress a parent, impress a friend, impress THEMSELVES–THAT is what we hope for all the students who struggle with their reading and spelling skills … it is a dream that is being  realized.

I have been a tutor for 4 years.   The progress of my students has been remarkable and their efforts commendable.  Two years ago, one of my students came to her tutoring session with a smile across her face and with a paper flapping in her hands.  She asked if I knew what she was so excited about.  She quickly showed me the paper that was in her hand; a spelling test from the day before with a perfect score recorded at the top.  This seventh grade, young lady had never received a 100% on anything, especially not a spelling test.  She remarked that Barton was really helping.  She was thrilled and I was touched to the bottom of my heart.  No child should have to wait until they are 13 years old to experience success in spelling.