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30 Years of Research

50 Interesting Facts About Dyslexia

55% who Fail SATs have Dyslexia

A Fable of Individual Differences

A Man’s Reach Should Exceed His Grasp by Henry Winkler

About Rapid Naming

ADHD Tip of the Iceberg

Brain Research, Reading, and Dyslexia

Catch Them Before They Fall

Classroom Accommodations

Complex nature of fluency

Decodable Text Explained

Decodable Words Versus Predictable Text

Direct Systematic Phonics Instruction Proven Effective

Dispelling the Myths

Dys and ADD warning signs (1)


Dyslexia- A Brief for Parents, Educators, and Legislators

Dyslexia Basics

Dyslexics See Pictures not Words

Dyslexics Seldom Get the Help They Need

Executive Functioning and Dyslexia Symptoms

Famous Dyslexics

Grade Retention- Factors to Consider

Guided Reading

Helpful Apps

How Spelling Supports Reading

I Think in Pictures- You Teach in Words

Learning About Learning to Read

Learning to Read A Call from Research to Action

More About Direct Instruction Methods in Teaching Reading and

Multisensory Structured Language Programs

Multisensory Structured Language

Multisensory Teaching

New Technique Can Help Dyslexic Kids Read Better

Newsweek Article on Dyslexia in 2000

Overview of Reading and Literacy Initiatives

Preventing Early Reading Failure

Reading and IQ

Reading Difficulties and Family History

Reading the Right Way

Rethinking Learning Disabilities

Retraining Dyslexia Patient’s Brains

Right Instruction Helps Poor Readers’ Brains

Should My Child Be Evaluated for Dyslexia

Slow Reading In Dyslexia Tied to disorganized Brain Tracts

Spelling and Dyslexia

Suggested Accommodations for Teachers

Teaching Children to Read What Every School Board Member Should Know

Teaching Decoding

Ten Important Research Findings

Ten Myths of Reading Instruction

Testing for Dyslexia

The Illusion of Balanced Literacy Instruction

The Orton-Gillingham Approach

The Risks of Repeating a Grade

The Three Cueing Model Down for the Count

Treatment for Reading Difficulties

Twice Exceptional- Gifted and Dyslexic

Understanding Why Students Avoid Writing

Unraveling Dyslexic Brains

Using Decodable Text

Vision Therapy Not Proven

Waiting Rarely Works

What Every Teacher Should Know

What Principals Need to Know About Reading

When Older Kids Can’t Read

Whole Langauge High Jinks

Why Children Succeed or Fail at Reading

Why Do Children with Dyslexia Have Trouble Learning to Read

Why Johnny Still Can’t Read, USA Today, Oct. 15 2009

Why Reading is Not a Natural Process

Why Some Children Have Difficulty Learning to Read

Words in the Brain