Online Videos

The Amazing World of Dyslexia from Therese Vreeland on Vimeo.

Embracing Dyslexia (50 min.)

Steven Spielberg discusses his dyslexia for the first time ever, on 12 September, 2012

The Big Picture- Rethinking Dyslexia (4 ½ min.)

Children of the Code

You Tube video: A Student Story

Susan Barton on What is Dyslexia, Early Warning Signs, etc.

Dyslexia and Perception (5:26 min.)

How A Dyslexic Brain Works: A Simple Demonstration (4:08)

Decoding Dyslexia (1:46 min.)

Henry Winkler on Dealing with Dylexia (4:50 min.)

Dyslexia- A Short Film (6:07 min.)

I Am Dyslexic (12:34 min.)

Decoding Dyslexia (1:46 min.)

What Could a Dyslexic Look Like in the Classroom? (7:10 min.)

Orlando Bloom Offers Advice to Kids Who Have Dyslexia (2:44 min.)

Dyslexia: A Hidden Disability (6:45)

Left from Right (45 min. documentary)

Dyslexia Awareness (5 min.)

Demonstration Barton lesson (20 min.)

Reading and the Brain (30 minutes)

Dyslexia: Symptoms and Solutions (especially “Reading Mistakes”)