To Honor the Classroom Teacher

To honor the classroom teacher | Foundations TutoringWe at Foundations Tutoring value and appreciate the hard work of the classroom teacher. We know so many dedicated teachers who devote themselves to each and every student’s success. Although we know that every classroom teacher would love to meet the needs of every at-risk student, the time and resource constraints of the classroom make this unrealistic. Reading difficulty often requires one-on-one specialized instruction in order for the student to make significant and lasting progress. Our intent is to support teachers by providing effective individualized tutoring to students who need intensive intervention. We are honored to be part of the team.

Driving Louis to school today, Louis brought up the subject of his last essay assignment and how he struggled not only with the assignment, but who to write it about. The assignment was to tell about a teacher who most inspired him. Louis battled with it and could not single out one teacher without thinking he would hurt the feelings of another great teacher that he truly loved as well.

He finally named…you, Ms. Pat. He said he always had a tool box to read, but he couldn’t get it open.

Next came the list of teachers he wanted to choose from, that the tools each one gave him:

His elementary reading Coach B. was an amazing teacher and he gave him a jack stand. Coach B. always could lift Louis’ spirit and encourage him to try to reach higher and try his best. He also appreciated all of Louis’ effort and that he was a great kid.

Then Louis thought about Mr. D., his fifth grade teacher. He said Mr. D gave him a drill, because he could drill things in Louis’ head and get him to remember things that were most important. He drilled in Louis’ head that he was a great kid, with a great future!

Then he named Ms. P., his 6th grade ELA teacher, who gave him duct tape. Ms. P. put things together for Louis so they were possible and stuck by him when others had given up. She helped Louis stay together during a very trying sixth grade year. She let Louis know there would always be phenomenal teachers in his life who would never give up on him.

Then he mentioned Ms. A., his sixth grade history teacher. “Now Ms. A. gave me a flame thrower,” Louis said. She lit a fire in him because she understood how he needed to learn facts. Once he got it…he just wanted to learn more about each topic… A fire had been lit that ignited a love of learning. She taught him if he is instructed in the right light…that he will learn.

“But Mom,” Louis continued, “the teacher who inspired me the most is Ms. Pat. She gave me the most important tool: a key — the key that opened that tool box. She gets what I am going through, and she taught me to truly read. I am reading so much better because of her and Ms. Glenda.”

“Now that Ms. Pat gave me what I needed to open that tool box, and Ms. Glenda is handing me all the tools, I can build and fix my foundation. I will soon be strong enough in reading to build myself into anything I want to become.”

“I know I will always struggle because I have dyslexia, but now I am getting the tools I need to fill up my tool box. I am getting all the secret tools that the other kids seemed to magically get.”

Louis said he didn’t mind the hard work or giving up his summer to go to the Horry County Literacy Center to get tutored. He said it was sooooo worth it.

His words will always stay with me. “Mom, sometimes the simplest tools are the best, and I thank God for Ms. Pat and the tool she gave me.” His voice seemed so much more confident, “I can’t wait to build a happy life with all the tools I am getting. I am just so thankful.”

And so is his Mom!

Thank you Ms. Pat, Ms. Glenda, HCLC, Susan Barton and all the teachers who inspire my child and give him what he needs to learn and succeed.